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One Shot 'Two character in One music video'
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 | 08:27 | 0 Cutie(s)

Annyeong. Hi :)

Ok, this entry is about BA.P’s comeback song. I know that all Kpoppers ‘wajib’ know about this powerful song. Am I right Kpoppers ? Haa, this song is very very famous. You know why I’m saying like that ?
Reasons : When I visited some of kpoppers blog a few days ago, their blog was filled with B.A.P’s One Shot. See ? They really really love that song and I’m the one of them that love that song :3

Ok ok, stop about that. Anyway, I know some of kppopers may have post about B.A.P’s One Shot and I’m already read them. I’m so sorry because writing about this entry. I mean this song had realeased a week ago and tonight I have a chance to post about One Shot. Ahh, I don’t care and I wanna still post this entry.  #Degil#

ARI just nak upload gambar-gambar diorang saja :)
Saja nak tunjuk perbezaan dimana gambar first : 'Hot, sexy, cool, style' and gambar second : 'Powerful, fierce, serious'
Come and take a look ^_^


 Leader Yongguk





Maknae Zelo

See ? Nampak tak perbezaannya ? Huaaa, they're awesome. I just love their ways <3

p/s : Omo~ Omo~ Dream Girl by SHINee memang HAPPENNING and BEST and STYLISH !!